DEI and AR Committee meetings

DEI and AR Committee Meetings 2021-2023
Meeting Type Date Speaker/Leader Content
DEI kickoff 1/20/21 Hersh kick off, logistics, brainstorming approaches (see minutes)
DEI book club 5/6/21 Gorman Survivor Math by Mitchell Jackson
DMICE conf 5/27/21 Kenrick Cato What the CONCERN Study Has Taught Me about Racial Bias in Nursing Workflow"
DEI book club 7/15/21 Gorman Correcting medicine's use of race in clinical algorithms; also "Challenging use of race in the vaginal birth after cesarian seciton calculator"; "Race-based to race-conscious medicine: how anti-racist uprisings call us to act."
DEI working 8/12/21 Gorman introductions and agenda settingВ  (see minutes)
DEI event 9/9/21 Leslie Garcia OHSU SOM diversity program
DEI event 9/16/21 Erik Wecker MD Bringing Cultural Competency to the EHR: Lessons Learned Providing Respectful, Quality Care to the LGBTQ Community
DEI event 10/14/21 Teaching and Learning Center Taking Care: Inclusive Online Teaching & Learning
DMICE conference 11/11/21 Oliver Bear Don't Walk Measuring the Impact of Disparate Race and Ethnicity Definitions on Clinical Natural Language Processing Model Bias” 
DEI working 11/11/21 Gorman SOM Diversity Equity and Inclusion and Anti-Racism Strategic Plan among all segments of department.;В  suggestions for speakers or events (like Leslie G in September and the TLC in Oct)
DEI event 12/9/21 Tiffany Veinot Good intentions are not enough: how informatics interventions can worsen inequality.
DEI working 1/13/22 Gorman Covington Report
DEI event 2/10/22 George Mejicano, MD OHSU SOM DAP and Covington Report
DEI working 3/10/22 Gorman trainee perspective with post doc trainees
DEI event 4/14/22 Chengda Zhang, MD Negative Patient Descriptors: Documenting Racial Bias In The Electronic Health Record”
DEI event 5/12/22 Leslie King, MD A black woman physician's experiences in rural Oregon and beyond
DEI event 6/2/22 Andrea Morgan, PhD candidate How Owning our Places at OHSU as Individuals can Make Us Better Together
DEI working 7/14/22 Gorman applying the OHSU SOM DAP to DMICE DEI & AR in CY22.
DEI working 9/2/22 Gorman working meeting: DMICE goals for 2022
DEI event 10/20/22 Collins Ben Collins on diversity, on AI disparities “On Mistrust of Minority Patients in Healthcare and the Use of Emerging Technology and Artificial Intelligence”
DEI working 11/17/22 Gorman, OHSU SOM DEI Stepping In training
DEI book club 12/15/22 Gorman The Difference By Scott Page
DEI event 1/19/23 Amy Penkin OHSU's Transgender Health program and informatics
DEI event 3/16/23 Gorman unconscious bias training and the IAT test
DEI event 4/19/23 EJS subcommittee improving curriculum with an EJS lens
DEI book club 5/18/23 Researchers Nature special issue on racism in science
DEI working 6/15/23 Gorman True North: where is DEI and AR headed, are we on the right path, how do we get there?