DMICE 2021 Graduation

OHSU Graduates in 2021

The annual OHSU Commencement ceremony had been moved to a virtual format again due to the 2020/2021 coronavirus pandemic.  Here is the ceremony program from June 6, 2021 and blog about the graduates.

OHSU Graduation 2021 Program
Blog on DMICE Graduation 2021

DMICE 2021 graduate pictures
left to right; top to bottom: Patty Langasek, Daniel Sobieski, Jennifer Rosenbaum, Suku George; Bryan McConomy; Rick Mah, Chionye Ossai, Chris Loo; Noah Finkel, Derek Richardson, Barrett Campbell, Amelia Drace

Here are some of the 33 DMICE graduates for 2021.  More information here.