Xubo Song, Ph.D.

  • Professor of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology, School of Medicine
  • Professor of Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine
  • Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Program, School of Medicine


The research interests of the Song lab are machine learning and its applications in the biomedical domain, specifically in biomedical image computing. The lab work on innovative machine learning and computational algorithms to extract the rich information in biomedical data to enable researchers and physicians in biomedical discovery and precision medicine. They collaborate with a variety of investigators at OHSU.

As a faculty membe for the Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs, Prof. Song teaches these courses:

CS/EE 559/659 Machine Leaning

CS/EE606 Advanced Topics in Machine Learning

EE 584/684 Introduction to Image Processing


We are looking for talented and motivated PhD students, postdocs and research associates to join our group. See detailed position description here: https://cslu.ohsu.edu/~xubosong/Opportunities.html.



Education and training

    • B.S., 1992, Tsinghua University
    • M.S., 1994, California Institute of Technology
    • Ph.D., 1998, California Institute of Technology

Areas of interest

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Quantitative Imaging
  • Imaging Informatics


Selected publications

  • Ebrahim al Safadi, Xubo Song, "Spatial Transformer Spectral Kernels for Deformable Image Registration", British Machine Vision Conference (oral presentation), 2019.
  • Archana Machireddy, et al, “Early Prediction of Breast Cancer Therapy Response using Multi-Resolution Fractal Analysis of DCE-MRI Parametric Maps", Tomography - A Journal for Imaging Research, special Quantitative Imaging Networks (QIN) issue, Mar;5(1):90-98, 2019
  • Archana Machireddy, Jan Van Santen, Jenny Wilson, Julianne Myers, Mijna Hadders-Algra, Xubo SONG, “A Video/IMU Hybrid System for Movement Estimation in Infants”, Proceedings of the 39th AnnualInternational Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC'17).
  • Zhijun Zhang, Feng Liu, Hungtat Tsui, Yunwong Lau, Xubo Song. "A Multi-scale Adaptive Mask Method for Rigid Intraoperative Ultrasound and Preoperative CT Image Registration", Medical Physics,Vol.41, no.10, pages 102903(1-10), 2014
  • Chao Wang, Xubo Song, “Robust Head Pose Estimation via Supervised Manifold Learning", Neural Networks, 2014.
  • Zhijun Zhang, D.J. Sahn, Xubo Song, “Cardiac Motion Estimation by Optimizing Transmural Homogeneity of the Myofiber Strain and its Validation with Multimodal Sequences”, Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI), 2013, pp 493-500.
  • Myronenko A., Song X. (2010): "Intensity-based Image Registration by Minimizing Residual Complexity", IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, 2010, 29(11): 1882 – 1891.
  • Myronenko A., Song X.(2010): "Point-Set Registration: Coherent Point Drift", IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2010, 32(12): 2262 – 2275.
  • Myronenko A., Song X.(2009): "Global Active Contour-based Image Segmentation via Probability Align ment.", Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (CVPR'09) , pp.2798-2804.
  • Song X., Myronenko A., Sahn D.J. (2007): "Speckle Tracking in 3D Echocardiography with Motion Coherence", Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (CVPR'07)


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