Emergency Medicine

Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program (CRISP)

ūüď£ ūüď£ We are pleased to announce that we have relaunched the Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program (CRISP) in the fall of 2022.¬†

If you're interested in applying for CRISP, please contact crisp@ohsu.edu 

This volunteer research program, established originally in 2004, was temporarily suspended in 2020 from in-person operations.

We are excited to get ramped up and have our CRISP volunteers back on campus.

Mission Statement

The mission of CRISP is to foster an environment for faculty, residents, and students who are conducting clinical research and simultaneously expose vetted pre-health students to the world of clinical research.  In addition, we seek to provide our CRISP Research Assistants with an opportunity to observe patient care in an urban academic emergency department as well provide career counseling and support as required for the career that they anticipate. 


As a part of the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine (CPR-EM), the Clinical Research Investigative Studies Program (CRISP) represents the research arm of the OHSU Department of Emergency Medicine. Under the leadership and guidance of the CRISP Medical Director and CRISP Program Director the program operates 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are between 5 and 10 active research studies at any one time, and many of these are extramurally funded, multicenter studies.  The beauty of this program is that it provides an opportunity for pre-health students with a serious interest in health career to work in a busy academic emergency department, interact with patients, and gain clinical knowledge.  In addition to the clinical side of things, the CRISP Research Assistants also learn the basics of clinical research and have the opportunity to contribute to national library for clinical research. The CRISP Research Assistants undergo hours of training in clinical research before they are allowed to work on a shift.  Once trained, the CRISP Research Assistants work closely with OHSU Emergency Department physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff to screen for eligible patients, obtain informed consent, and collect quality data.  Overall, the CRISP Program represents that largest volunteer research program on OHSU campus staffed approximately with 50+ pre-health students. 

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We are excited to get ramped up and resume operations. Applications are open quarterly, please email crisp@ohsu.edu if interested in applying.

Man wearing green coat

Bakr Alkarawi


Khaleda Aqaei


Nadera Bismee

Woman wearing green coat

Kyra Brehm


Shruti Burma

Woman wearing green coat

Hope Cursetjee

Dien, Thuy

Thuy Dien


Tricia Dowis


Michelle Fukumitsu


Angelica Gatica Gomez

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Emma Howell

Woman wearing green coat

Hana Kang

Woman wearing green coat

Milan Mafinejad

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Thang Muan

Woman wearing green coat

Tiffany Nguyen

Woman wearing green coat

Brenda Piedras


Koumi Sato

Woman wearing green coat

Abbie Sorensen


Aqsa Tarik

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Jason Tran

Simra Ahsan

Taylor Aldrich

Alexa Castillo

Isaac Cavins

Bee Conn

Sufi Dezham

Hugo Echegoyen Melgar

Elif Erdogan

Ethan Hanson

Cassandra Harker

Keven Higa-Mar

Hassan Khan

Emily King

Thulni Liyanaarachchi

Cam Nguyen

Tammy Nguyen

Pooja Patel

Thu Pham

Aditya Ratra

Camden Searcy

Nithish Thomas

Pearl Ton

Lori Tran

Individual consultations can be provided at no cost to determine what services best fit a project’s needs. Please email crisp@ohsu.edu and complete this initial form here.

What We Offer to Investigators

  • Access to a diverse Emergency Department patient population.
  • 35-50 undergraduate research enrollers who have completed a rigorous training program.
  • Excellent screening and enrollment rates during peak volume hours.
  • Robust QA and QI process to monitor protocol compliance and documentation accuracy.