Emergency Medicine

Visiting Student Emergency Medicine Frequently Asked Questions

You can find visiting student information and application instructions on the OHSU Undergraduate Medical Education website.

Visiting students can apply for EMED 709A Clinical Experiences in Emergency Medicine, EMED 709D Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and ETOX 709A Medical Toxicology.

  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A letter of intent stating why you want to rotate at OHSU and why you want to go into emergency medicine (less than 1 page)
  3. Transcripts
  4. A letter of recommendation from a physician you have worked with who can speak to your clinical skills. The letter is not required to come from an EM physician. (1 page maximum)
  5. USMLE or COMLEX scores

Applications are screened and students are selected based on complete applications and availability. Availability varies from year to year. We take the top candidates to fill spaces not taken by OHSU students. Students can also request to be put on the waitlist should a position become available.

We do accept requests for days off and will do what we can to accommodate your special needs while rotating. However, the schedule is quite complex with several variables, so requests should be kept to a minimum.

No, EMED 709 is a 4-week rotation with no exceptions. In order to receive the optimal EM experience, and to participate in all of the labs and didactics, we ask that if you are interested in the course that you plan to stay for the full 4 weeks.

No, due to the structure of the rotation we do need all students to follow OHSU's rotation dates in order to participate in all of the events over the duration of the rotation.

Unfortunately, OHSU does not have housing for students. We can, however, provide students with a list of resources of housing options in the area.

Students who visit for the Sub-I rotation and are applying to EM through the current Match year will be offered a virtual interview through our usual process. Rotating with a sub-specialty such as pediatric emergency medicine, toxicology, or ultrasound does not guarantee a residency interview.