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Innovative, Disruptive, Emerging Applications for Emergency Medicine (IDEA-EM)

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Innovate with us: Welcome to IDEA-EM. We believe that some of the best opportunities to improve patient outcomes and the patient care experience come through bi-directional industry partnerships. When clinicians, researchers, and engineers collaborate together we can recognize innovative ways to solve clinical problems of all scale. Our unique clinical and research experience allows our team to identify areas of need as well as developing a path to clinical implementation. If this path involves need for grant funding, we have vast experience in this field to further the process. In conjunction with the partners we work with, many different backgrounds meld to create a robust exchange of ideas and innovation to improve patient care and the healthcare system.


The mission of IDEA-EM at OHSU is to improve health through development and commercialization of new technologies that have academic interest, are potential sources of revenue, and develop clinician scientists as inventors.


Our vision is to become national leaders in clinical innovation and technology development though broad collaboration within and outside of OHSU. We hope to find solutions to clinical challenges that will improve the health of our patients and develop commercially successful products and intellectual property for our institution and faculty. We will work to develop productive and synergistic relationships with industry partners that allow clinicians who are the end users of technology and industry who produce what clinicians study/implement at the bedside to work together for the benefit of the patient, healthcare economy and medical systems. Maximizing these relationships will produce lasting contributions to healthcare that can ultimately lighten the burden of those in need of care.


We plan to achieve this mission and vision by providing an infrastructure and support to bridge the connection between physician scientists and industry. We plan to do this by focusing on forming relationships in 5 domains:

Device Development

  • Develop and commercialize new devices that can be used clinically for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment

Clinical Integration/Operation Improvement

  • With increasing use of outpatient monitoring and electronic medical resources we will improve integration of data from the outpatient to inpatient arenas.
  • Identify areas of improvement in operational issues within various healthcare settings and develop processes to improve patient care

Early Warning/Acute Care Monitoring

  • Improved detection of severe illness will allow for earlier interventions that are vital to improved outcomes.

Industry Clinical Research Studies

  • Partner with industry to support clinical research that advances new technology and provides revenue to support new ideas

Usability Liaison

  • Clinicians provide vital feedback to industry partners on the products that are marketed

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