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Emergency Medical Services

Residents with Banks Fire Dept 2023

Pre-hospital care is an important part of emergency medicine. Our objective is to prepare the resident to become a leader in EMS. The curriculum is incorporated over the entire residency. Didactic sessions on EMS topics (disaster management, communications, paramedic training, quality assurance systems) are scheduled throughout the residency. Each resident also participates in the paramedic training program.

EM-II level residents participate in a rigorous base station course, after which they function as the direct online medical control physicians for Multnomah and Clackamas counties. Didactic lectures on EMS topics are integrated into the curriculum during the three-year residency cycle. Lectures are provided by the EMS faculty, paramedic educators and community leaders in EMS.

Field experience is spread over the entire residency. Each resident participates in distinct experiences commensurate with their level of training. For those interested in a more intense experience, apprenticeships are available with the faculty who serve as physician supervisors for various EMS agencies.