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Emergency Residency

OHSU provides world-class educational opportunities for tomorrow's emergency medicine healthcare professionals. We promote lifelong learning and instill in our students a commitment to serving the communities where they live and work. Established in 1978, OHSU was the third U.S. medical school to create an independent academic emergency medicine program.

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Fellowship Programs

November 15, 2017


  • Airway Day
  • Presenter: Drs. Kim, Lee, Noble, Hansen, Jones, Kea, Newgard, and Jui

CORD 2017 Academic Assembly
April 27-30
Fort Lauderdale, FL

PAS 2017 Annual Meeting
May 6-9
San Francisco, CA

SAEM 2017 Annual Meeting
May 16-19
Orlando, FL

AAP Experience 2017 National Conference
Chicago, IL
September 16-19

NACCT 2017 Annual Meeting
Vancouver, BC
October 11-15

ACEP 2017 Scientific Assembly
Washington, DC
October 29-November 1

NAEMSP 2018 Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA
January 8-13

AAEM 2018 Annual Scientific Assembly
April 7-11
San Diego, CA