Residency Program Applications


We typically begin to extend Invitations to Interview about 10-14 days after the MSPE is released via Thalamus (new for 2020 cycle). We will let you know as soon as possible if you are on a waitlist for an interview. 

There are so many amazing students who apply to our residency, and although we would love to meet as many as we can, due to the sheer volume of interest, we do limit our invitations to a select group of applicants (roughly 1/12 get an interview). We look forward to reviewing your materials. If at any point after the MSPEs are available, you receive a new SLOE, please email the Senior Education Manager, Kim Regner

Application Process

The Emergency Medicine Residency Program at OHSU uses the ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service) exclusively. ERAS is available through all medical schools and the ECFMG office.

The following materials must be transmitted to us through ERAS no later than November 1st:

  • CAF (Common Application Form)
  • Dean's letter
  • Medical school transcript
  • Up to 4 letters of recommendation (with at least 2 from an EM Physician)
  • Copy of certified transcript of board scores
  • Personal Statement

Any additional materials, including the letter of recommendation from an emergency medicine clerkship, will be accepted through the ERAS after November 1st. Please inform us if a letter of recommendation from your emergency medicine clerkship will be arriving later than November 1st.

After each resident's application is complete, it is reviewed. Competitive candidates will be invited to interview mid-November through late January.

The Emergency Medicine Residency Program at OHSU participates in the National Residency Matching Process. Final selection of candidates who interview at OHSU is made following the interview process with entry to the match scheduled the second week in February.


We encourage early submission of application material. Although this will not guarantee selection for an interview, we tend to have the most scheduling flexibility earliest in the interview season. As research has shown (AEM 2000;7(9):1022-6.) that the date of an interview does not influence the ultimate ranking of the applicant, it is to the applicant's advantage (in regards to greater scheduling flexibility) to submit his/her materials early.