OHSU Library Guest Computer Usage Policy


OHSU Library provides computers for use by guests of OHSU for the purpose of health-related research. This document describes the services available on OHSU Library-managed computers and explains the expectation of conduct for Library computer users. 

Guest computer users

The OHSU Library provides access to online health information and related resources to guests of OHSU.  Library staff are available to help you find information and use guest computers.   Please ask at the Library Service Desk if you need assistance. 

Use of guest computer stations by visiting healthcare professionals and students, patients and families receiving care from OHSU Health, and individuals conducting health-related research are prioritized. Usage of guest computers may be limited to 60 minutes if other users are waiting.

Printing for guests is available for a fee and may be paid for and picked up at the Library’s Service Desk. Please see the Library’s Computing Services page for more information.    

Expectations of conduct

All Library users are expected to ensure an inclusive, welcoming environment conducive to learning and meeting the educational, research, clinical care and medical decision-making needs of its users.  Library users must adhere to OHSU’s Code of Conduct and OHSU Library’s Expectations of Conduct.  

Modifications to Library hardware or software, including desktop reconfiguration, are prohibited.  

Library user responsibilities

All Library users are advised to evaluate the usefulness, validity, and reliability of material found on the Internet.  OHSU Library does not assume any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information acquired from or accessed through Library resources.

All Library users are expected to comply with federal copyright laws and the Library’s guidance on using online resources.  

Users who do not follow these guidelines will not be allowed to use the computers and may be asked to leave the OHSU Library.   

Policy reviewed and approved by OHSU Library leadership
Last reviewed:  25 August 2021