Donate and Transfer

Donate materials

three women stand in front of the OHSU Auditorium, one hands another dressed as nurse a stack of books
Staff in front of the University of Oregon Medical School library, 1962 (OHSU Digital Collections)

Our collections are built primarily through donations. Our staff work with the OHSU community and the general public to ensure that historical materials are stewarded responsibly and preserved for the future.

We actively collect books, papers, photographs, artifacts, memorabilia and other materials pertaining to the history of OHSU and the history of the health sciences. We are strongly interested in the personal collections of alumni and employees, and materials that highlight communities that are underrepresented in our holdings.

Contact us to discuss donating your materials.

Our holdings include manuscript collections with an emphasis on health sciences in the Pacific Northwest. Narrative guides to processed collections can be accessed and searched through Archives West. Additionally, our artifact collection, with over 3,000 historic objects, includes medical instruments, supplies, uniforms, pharmacological materials, and samples of innovative technologies developed at OHSU. If we are unable to accept a donation, we will assist you in identifying a more appropriate repository.

Examples of materials we accept for donation include (but are not limited to):

  • Research data, research notes
  • Professional and personal correspondence
  • Lecture notes
  • Photographs, photo slides
  • Artifacts related to the practice of health sciences
  • Rare books, books by OHSU-affiliated authors, books about health sciences in the Pacific Northwest
  • Materials that highlight communities that are underrepresented in our holdings (such as women in science; LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous and Latinx communities; the OHSU student experience; etc.)

We accept digital records as well!

Examples of items we generally cannot accept (but please contact us if you feel your item is exceptional):

  • Furniture
  • Human remains, medical specimens
  • Microscope slides that do not come with proper documentation as to their creation and contents
  • Published journals, articles, reprints, or photocopies
  • Newspaper clippings (except from periodicals with unique or limited  circulation)
  • Plaques and awards (some exceptions, based on the award)
  • Large research posters (digital versions happily accepted)
  • Any toxic or radioactive substance, as well as items posing a strong preservation or environmental concern

Note: A tax professional can assist you in determining whether your donation of historical materials is tax-deductible. Library staff are prohibited from assisting donors in determining the value or tax status of donations. Your Old Books answers many common questions about the value of books. Consult with a qualified appraiser to obtain a detailed evaluation of your collection. .

Transfer OHSU records

architectural rendering of OHSU Hospital viewed from northeast
Artist's rendering of University Hospital, 1970s (OHSU Digital Collections)

Our University Archives document the history of OHSU and its predecessor institutions. Holdings include administrative records, photographs and artwork, campus publications, research data and personal papers, in analog and digital formats. 

For OHSU-created records bound by formal records retention policies, see Records Retention and Archiving Questions (OHSU network connection required). Contact University Archivist, Steve Duckworth, and the OHSU Legal Department to discuss options for permanent retention and to arrange a records transfer.

For OHSU-created records not bound by the official retention schedule, such as records of student organizations, faculty research, and more, please contact the University Archivist, Steve Duckworth, to discuss options.