OHSU Library Closure Policy


Under some conditions,  the OHSU Library in the Biomedical Information Communication Center (BICC) building on Marquam Hill will be closed during regular business hours. This policy describes the Library’s response in those situations and what services will continue to be available during a closure.

BICC 24-hour space

The OHSU Library’s 24-hour space on the 4th floor of the BICC building will remain open to OHSU  badge holders (via badge swipe access) during a closure unless OHSU Facilities decides to prevent access to the building. 

Modified Operations

The OHSU Library’s physical location in the BICC building will be closed or have reduced hours when OHSU declares certain levels of Modified Operations (internal link). 

The OHSU Library may reduce hours or close its physical spaces in circumstances where we are unable to meet the staffing levels required to keep the Library’s 3rd floor BICC location functioning, such as during inclement weather. 

Services available during a building closure

When the OHSU Library’s physical location in the BICC building is closed, the Library will continue to offer reference and consultation services virtually during regular business hours as long as electricity and network connectivity are available. 

During a closure, anyone needing to use the Library may contact us via our website or by leaving a message on our phone 503-494-3460, and staff will respond as soon as possible during regular business hours.

Policy reviewed and approved by OHSU Library leadership
Last reviewed: 4 August 2021