OHSU Library Expectations of Conduct


The OHSU Library strives to ensure an inclusive, welcoming environment conducive to learning and meeting the educational, research, clinical care and medical decision-making needs of its users.  This policy explains the Library’s expectations of all users of our spaces, equipment, and services.

Expectations of conduct

Users of the OHSU Library in the Biomedical Information Communication Center (BICC) building are expected to:

  • Behave responsibly and in consideration of others. 
  • Create an environment appropriate for study and collaboration, where Library users and employees feel safe and are not distracted by excessive noise or activity.
  • Keep Library spaces, including group rooms, tidy and clean up after themselves or notify Library staff when that is not possible.
  • Attend to personal belongings and not leave them in group rooms or spaces.
  • Treat Library materials, furniture, and equipment with care, including returning borrowed materials promptly when requested.
  • Supervise all minor children.
  • Comply with instructions from a Library staff member.
  • Follow OHSU’s Code of Conduct and all OHSU Library policies and guidelines.

Persons whose behavior does not meet these expectations or is otherwise not in keeping with OHSU’s Code of Conduct may be asked to modify their behavior or leave the building, and may have their Library use and/or borrowing privileges suspended