Oral History Program

Since 1997, the OHSU Oral History Progam has conducted over 120 interviews with individuals who have contributed to university history. The subjects include OHSU employees and alumni, as well as legislators and policymakers. Major themes include OHSU's evolution as an institution, changes in clinical practice, growth of the research mission, changes in curriculum and educational programs, the growth of campus facilities, contributions of women and minorities, and the role of the OHSU community in world events.

The oral history program is ongoing, and seeks to capture diverse perspectives on OHSU's contributions to health care, research, and education. OHSU Historical Collections & Archives directs the program with collaborative input from the university community. The program is funded by university administration, departments, and individual donors.

We add transcripts of interviews to OHSU Digital Commons. Interviews are searchable by keyword. Transcripts may be downloaded directly as PDFs.

Archival copies of recordings and transcripts are retained in HC&A. Copies of audio and video recordings are available according to our service fees.