OHSU Historical Collections & Archives Donation Policy


OHSU Historical Collections & Archives accepts selected gifts that are consistent with our collection development policy  and the mission of OHSU Library. The purpose of this policy is to define the types of donations we accept and how they are handled.   

General Policy

OHSU Historical Collections & Archives acquires publications, archival collections, visual materials, digital objects, and artifacts that support the research, teaching, and outreach programs of OHSU. Emphasis is placed on unique or rare materials of enduring cultural and/or informational value. Materials are collected in all formats. Due to space and staffing limitations, we generally do not accept materials that fall outside of the scope of our collecting policy, duplicates of published items already held by OHSU Library, or items in poor condition. If we are unable to accept a donation, we may be able to assist in recommending another institution or library . 


Gifts to HC&A are considered outright and unrestricted donations. Donated materials become the sole and irrevocable property of OHSU. At the time of donation, donors may request the return of any materials that are not selected for HC&A’s collections. HC&A reserves the right to dispose of other unselected materials in the best interest of OHSU. 

The primary purpose of HC&A’s collections is supporting research. Donors are therefore discouraged from setting restrictions or requirements on the use or display of materials. Such restrictions may affect HC&A’s ability to accept a donation. 


Unless otherwise restricted by copyright or by the donor, all intellectual property rights are transferred to OHSU as a condition of the donation. OHSU assumes no responsibility for misuse of copyrighted materials. 


HC&A provides written acknowledgment of the receipt of donations. Staff are prohibited from assisting donors in determining the value or tax status of donations. Donors who wish to obtain a detailed evaluation of their collection should consult with a qualified appraiser.

Policy reviewed and approved by OHSU Library leadership
Last reviewed:  25 August 2021