Using OHSU Library Online Resources


The purpose of this document is to describe where and how specific user groups can access OHSU Library’s online resources.  For information on borrowing physical resources, please see the Library’s Borrow, Renew and Return page.


Online resources can be defined as materials that have been conceived and created digitally or by converting analogue materials to a digital or online format. Online resource collections encompass resources that are hosted elsewhere, digital media files and born-digital resources. Online resources include journal collections, newspapers, electronic books, individual electronic journals and magazines, bibliographic indexes, directories and guides. 

Using online resources and content

License agreements between the OHSU Library and online content/software providers permit access for OHSU faculty, employees, and students and, for most resources, visitors to the Library’s Marquam Hill location in the Biomedical Information Communication Center (BICC) building. Some electronic resources may have additional restrictions imposed by the provider.

The Library’s online resources may be accessed from devices connected to the OHSU wired and wireless networks. To learn more about software the Library provides for download or onsite use, please see our Software page.

When not connected to the OHSU wired or wireless networks, OHSU members, including faculty, staff, and students, may access online resources offsite using their network credentials.  In addition, offsite access can be granted to:

Through a program funded by license fees collected by the Oregon Medical Board, the Library provides offsite access to a selection of online content to Oregon licensed health professionals.

The Library is not able to provide offsite access to other groups such as alumni, independent scholars, or Oregon citizens. 

User responsibilities and guidance for using OHSU resources

OHSU members are responsible for following OHSU Policy 12-70-005, Use of Copyrighted Material (internal link). OHSU network credentials may not, under any circumstances, be shared with, or used by, persons other than those to whom they have been assigned, as described in OHSU Policy 11-20-010, Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources (internal link). 

Reviewed and approved by OHSU Library leadership
Last reviewed: 18 August 2021