Transition to Adult Health Care

Young adults tell us...

doctor and teen talking

"I was used to having my mom along for my appointments.  I had to ask more questions, and have my doctor explain anything I didn't understand."  "I was happy I had a family doctor when I turned 18. I had to change a lot of specialists, so having one office that already knew me and my history was helpful." "I didn't realize how much I didn't know until I tried to get my insurance to pay for Occupational Therapy."

Being in charge of your own health care can be empowering, it can also be overwhelming if you don't plan ahead, practice, and, stay organized.  Here are some helpful resources, make sure to check out our insurance tips too!

Parents tell us...

doctor talking with a young woman

"I have been so involved in her health care that it was a shock when she turned 18 and I wasn't included." "We had been teaching him to set up appointments, carry his insurance card, and to write down questions ahead of time.  We were really proud of him the first time he went to the doctor on his own." "I knew she needed an adult doctor when she told me she had a 'serious boyfriend'."

Young adults have different needs. Find resources to help the transition to adulthood.


OHSU IDD Transition Guide

Being a Healthy Adult: How to Advocate for Your Health and Healthcare  Guidebook from Rutgers University

Personal and Family Medical History form  from The ARC of New Jersey

Teen's rights to access, confidentiality, and HIPPA

National Gateway to Self-Determination

Maternal Child Health information on care for adolescents and young adults