Novel Interventions in Children's Healthcare (NICH)

The Institute on Development and Disability NICH Program

Bridges, the OHSU School of Medicine's seasonal magazine did a feature on Dr. Michael Harris and the NICH Program in this past Spring's issue. Click the following link to read the article in its entirety: "Filling a NICH(e)"

Theoretical Approach

Families enrolled in the Novel Interventions in Children's Healthcare (NICH) Program are dealing with a number of life challenges and psychosocial stressors that make it difficult to meet all the demands of their children's health while simultaneously meeting the demands of their day-to-day lives. As such, the NICH intervention is grounded in both developmental and systems theory. Attending to the "normal developmental demands" of youth with complex medical conditions is critical along with analyzing and understanding the impact of the various systems or contexts in which these youth live.

NICH services are for youth with complex and/or chronic medical conditions with the focus on the triple aim in healthcare reform:
(1) Improving our population's health

Improving Health Graph
This is average for patients with T1DM prior to program, during program, and after discharge

(2) Improving care

 Improving Care Graph 1


Improving Care Graph 2


Improving Care Graph 3

(3) Reducing costs

 Reducing Costs Graph


Reducing Hospitalizations Graph