Headshot photo of Flora Richey<span class="profile__pronouns"> (she/her)</span>

Flora Richey (she/her)

  • NICH Interventionist


Flora’s curiosity and passion for engaging communities has led her to pursue a range of opportunities – she has organized volunteer bicycle mechanics, led after-school programs and worked with children and adults in psychiatric treatment settings. This constellation of experience has solidified her interest in community and behavioral health. She enjoys working with children and their families, devising equity-based interventions that strengthen existing skills and nurture emergent ones. Flora lives with chronic illness and appreciates the opportunity to leverage her personal understanding of disease management to connect with and support young people in navigating their own health.

Beyond work, Flora rides bikes, reads on the couch, plays board games at her kitchen table and hikes in Forest Park.

Education and training

    • B.A., 2018, Carleton College
  • Certifications

    • Qualified Mental Health Associate - Mental Health and Addiction Certification Board of Oregon (MHACBO)