Integrated Cancer Biology (ICB)

Scientific Scope

The Integrated Cancer Biology (ICB) Hub offers a learning platform that will give the next generation of cancer researchers the knowledge and skills to interrogate the biology of the tumor cell within the context of the host, both micro and macro. A deep understanding of the biological processes driving tumor initiation, heterogeneity, malignant conversion, and metastasis will pair with the tremendous clinical resources of the Knight Cancer Institute to allow opportunities for efficient translation of laboratory results into new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Students in this program learn to use the scientific method for acquisition and evaluation of data, leading to dissemination of new knowledge concerning cancer biology and the host responses to cancer. The Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU is made up of numerous programs centered around cancer prevention and control, hormonal and reproductive malignancies, hematologic malignancies, experimental therapeutics, cancer biology and the physiology of the host response to cancer, all functioning to foster interdisciplinary interactions between basic and clinical researchers. This hub exposes students to all facets of the Knight Cancer Institute and helps promote interdisciplinary research throughout OHSU. 

Focus Groups

  • Tumor Microenvironment and Immunology
  • Functional Genomics
  • Quantitative Oncology 


In addition to the PBMS core curriculum, students who join the Integrated Cancer Biology (ICB) hub will be encouraged to take the following core course(s) and 3 credits of electives based on the student's individual training plan/research interests. Additionally, students will participate in their hubs seminar series, journal club(s) / grand rounds, and annual retreat / symposia. 



  • Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology


  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • Advanced Topics Genome Sciences
  • Development, Differentiation, and Disease
  • Current Topics in Quantitative and Experimental Cancer Biology

Seminar Series

  • Basic and Translational Seminar Series (BTS)

Journal Club(s)

  • Tumor Microenvironment JC
  • Mechanisms/Cancer JC

Annual Meeting(s) and Symposia(s)

  • Annual Combined Graduate Retreat

Jeffrey Tyner, Ph.D. - Hub Director


Phone: 503-346-0603

Sudarshan Anand, Ph.D. - Hub Director


Phone: 503-494-8043