Genome Sciences (GS)

Scientific Scope

The Genome Sciences (GS) Hub offers an interdisciplinary training environment for researchers interested in gaining fundamental insights into the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms that influence development, function in complex disease processes, and contribute to clinical therapeutics. As such, this Hub integrates basic science and clinical faculty with trainees from across OHSU who work in disciplines of genetics and genomics, epigenetics, rare disease genetics, genome technologies and computational biology, stem cell and developmental biology, cancer genetics, and gene therapy. In this collaborative research environment, trainees learn how to apply or develop new cutting-edge methods and technologies to answer biologic and clinically-relevant questions. Faculty within the Hub apply multidisciplinary approaches, including single gene and single cell technologies, gene therapies, transcriptional pathway and whole genome analyses, and animal models of disease. 

Focus Groups

  • Epigenetics
  • Gene Therapy
  • Cancer Genetics


In addition to the PBMS core curriculum, students who join the Genome Sciences (GS) hub will be encouraged to take the following core course(s) and 3 credits of electives based on the student's individual training plan/research interests. Additionally, students will participate in their hubs seminar series, journal club(s) / grand rounds, and annual retreat / symposia. 



  • Advanced Topics in Genome Sciences


  • Genetic Basis of Human Disease
  • Gene and Cell Therapy
  • Epigenetics and Reprogramming
  • Advanced Topics in Cancer Biology
  • Clinical Experience in Medical Genetics
  • Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Interviewing and Counseling Techniques for Genetic Counseling 
  • Emerging discoveries
  • Genomic Techniques 

Seminar Series

  • Molecular & Medical Genetics 
  • Combined Basic Sciences
  • Basic and Translational (BTS) 

Journal Club(s) and Ground Rounds

  • Genome Sciences 
  • Departmental Ground Rounds

Annual Meeting(s) and Symposia(s)

  • Annual Retreat
  • Focus Group Symposia

Hub Events

Amanda McCullough, Ph.D. - Hub Director


Phone: 503-494-9958