About us

The Shree lab is interested in understanding how cancer and the immune system interact, particularly in lymphomas, where the cancer itself has arisen from within the immune system. Our central thesis is that by better understanding dynamic functional immune interactions in patients, we can design better immunotherapies. We do this by working in partnership with patients in clinical trials, and studying informative questions directly in clinical samples and in functional studies at the bench. 

Our current projects are focused on understanding immune function in cancer patients and developing therapeutic cancer vaccination strategies.  Our research employs a wide range of tools as needed to answer the questions at hand. We work primarily with human samples and cell lines, and frequently utilize multiparameter flow cytometry, bulk and single cell RNA sequencing, and functional immune assays.

The Shree lab is part of the Knight Cancer Institute, the Division of Hematology and Oncology, as well as the Department of Cell, Developmental, and Cancer Biology at OHSU. We are surrounded by a fantastic community of basic and translational researchers studying all aspects of cancer biology and immunology, and we strive to promote a culture of respect, tolerance, collaboration, and fun!

Funding sources

  • National Institutes of Health/National Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Shree has previously benefitted from the generous support of:
    • The American Cancer Society
    • Knight Cancer Institute Pilot Grant
    • The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

Join the lab

​​​​​​We are looking for motivated individuals at all levels to help build the team and our research program – please contact us to find out more!

Shree Lab