Oregon Office of Rural Health

HERO: Helping EMS in Rural Oregon

HERO: Helping EMS in Rural Oregon

About the HERO Campaign

The Oregon Office of Rural Health HERO campaign raises funds to help rural and frontier Emergency Medical Services (EMS) volunteers pay for their training.

If you represent a rural EMS agency that wishes to conduct an in-house training, and perhaps include EMS personnel from surrounding communities, this grant is for you. Funds may also be used to send staff to training that cannot be offered locally. You may apply for funding for any training class or exercise completed within the next 12 months.

*Please note that you must be located in a rural or frontier area and recognized by the Oregon Health Authority EMS & Trauma Systems Program as an organization that participates in Oregon’s 9-1-1 response system.

Since 2010, the HERO grant program has made over 250 individual and agency awards to conduct training for their staff – over $230,000 distributed!

How You Can Help

Contribute today and help ensure that no matter what corner of our state you visit, you can expect a prompt EMS response.

The OHSU Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and is the repository for all private grants and charitable donations in support of OHSU. The Taxpayer Identification number is 23-7083114. 100% of donations to the HERO campaign go directly toward the rural volunteer EMS grant program.

2020 HERO Award

The 2020 HERO award is made possible by a very generous donation from the former board of the Port Orford Community Ambulance (POCA). Though the work of POCA is ended, their legacy will provide rural and frontier community EMS resources direct to agencies. We are grateful to all that POCA providers contributed to their community for over 60 years. Thank you.

The Office of Rural Health is pleased to offer a competitive HERO award application period in June of 2020.

The application period closed on June 30, 2020.  Four rural and/or frontier agencies will be awarded up to $2500 each. Awardees will be notified by July 10, 2020.


For questions about HERO, or to add your contact information to the ORH EMS mailing list, please contact Rebecca Dobert | dobert@ohsu.edu | 503-494-6627

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