Oregon Office of Rural Health

Forum on Rural Population Health & Health Equity


ORH is thrilled to announce the launch of the Forum on Rural Population Health & Health Equity in 2024!

Save the date: June 12-13, 2024 (virtual)

The mission of the Forum on Rural Population Health & Health Equity (the Forum) is to strengthen community health in rural Oregon by sharing knowledge, expertise and resources on innovations and best practices in population health and health equity. 

The event is a space to gather experts, leaders and practitioners from across the health care continuum to share best practices, resources, case studies and innovations focused on enhancing community health from an array of perspectives. The Forum is aimed toward health care workers and administrators, community workers, policymakers, public health officials and anyone invested in promoting community health.

The Forum is an evolution of the Forum on Aging in Rural Oregon, and will allow ORH to focus more expansively and inclusively on population health and health equity issues that are important to our rural communities. ORH maintains a strong commitment to rural older adults, and will emphasize presentations that address this topic through a specialized aging track.

The Forum will be held virtually on June 12-13, 2024.

The request for proposals will be released in January, 2024.

Registration will open in March, 2024.

Would your organization like to partner for the 2024 Forum? Click here to submit a partnership form or contact Stepha Dragoon at dragoon@ohsu.edu


Stepha Dragoon | dragoon@ohsu.edu