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Rural Practitioner Tax Credit

Do you provide healthcare in rural Oregon? You may be eligible for a tax credit on your Oregon tax return. New to the program?  Find your licensure and the applicable rules here.  For those of you who have participated before, we have a new process!  Instead of filling out, printing, and mailing your form, you will enter your information in our secure portal, then mail your $45 processing fee check to our office. We will process your application as soon as we can, trusting you to mail your check.  For EMS volunteers, there is no fee. This process will be faster, more secure, and less prone to errors. We are very excited about it! If you want to retain a copy of what you submit, we suggest using screenshots. As ever, you will receive your confirmation or denial via email once the application has been processed. 

Oregon provides a Rural Practitioner Tax Credit for the following licensures. Choose yours to read about eligibility and apply.

Rural Volunteer Emergency Medical Service Provider Tax Credit

The Oregon Rural Volunteer EMS Provider Tax Credit is available for eligible EMS Providers.


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