Oregon Office of Rural Health

Telehealth + Broadband

Broadband Infrastructure Funding

Oregon Broadband Office – This organization is responsible for coordinating the deployment of reliable high-speed internet, devices, and training for underserved communities in Oregon.

Find Telehealth Map

NRTRC Find Telehealth Map – This interactive map lists both in-person and telehealth options, including the types of services provided, by facility name.

Telehealth Policy + Technical Assistance

Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP)

CCHP actively researches and analyzes important telehealth policy issues and provides key telehealth policy resources nationwide.

Some of CCHP’s services:

  • Policy finder: Their free database of state and federal policies, with up-to-date laws and regulations across over 20 telehealth topics.
  • Resources and reports: Everything from policy tracking and unbiased bill analyses to expert research and reports that strive to advance policy and improve health care.
  • Technical Assistance: They offer two tiers of one-on-one assistance to anyone researching telehealth policy or looking to learn more.

CCHP also has a webpage, specific to Oregon’s policies related to telehealth.

Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center (NRTRC)

NRTRC provides the following services:

  • Technical assistance, training, and support;
  • Communicates and disseminates information and research findings related to telehealth
  • Fosters regional and national collaborations to share knowledge and best practices.

Oregon Health Leadership Council Resources and Guidelines

Telehealth Credentialing and Licensing

The following webpages provide guidance regarding telehealth credentialing and licensing within the state of Oregon.

Oregon Medical Board Statement of Philosophy on Telemedicine

Oregon Medical Board Telemedicine Page


The following webpages provide information to understand how telehealth reimbursements are made.

CCHP Fact Sheets

CMS Physician Fee Schedule

Oregon Health Authority Prioritized List of Health Services

Project ECHO

Oregon ECHO Network is tele-mentoring program education for providers to learn about complex conditions, such as: Hepatitis C, Diabetes, pain management and substance use disorder. Through this program, Oregon health care professionals use videoconferencing to connect with specialists for multi-week interactive learning sessions. Expert presenters share their knowledge and clinicians bring their tough cases to get feedback from their peers and specialists. Programs are always free and most offer no-cost continuing education credits.

Please see this link for available program opportunities.

If you are outside of Oregon, find an ECHO program near you.

Other resources

The following lists additional resources that ORH has curated for rural health care facilities. We will continue to add to this list and welcome your feedback at any time. Please contact Stepha Dragoon | dragoon@ohsu.edu to add additional resources to this list.

American Telemedicine Association

CMS List of Telehealth Services

Monthly Telehealth Regional Tracker

National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center (NTTARC)

Rural Telehealth Research Center

Overview of Telehealth Use in Rural Healthcare

Rural Telehealth Toolkit



Stepha Dragoon | dragoon@ohsu.edu