OHSU Library Poetry Contest

The OHSU Library invites submissions for the OHSU Poetry Contest!  We invite OHSU students, staff, faculty, alumni and volunteers to submit up to two original, unpublished poems.   The deadline for submissions was Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 at 8 am Pacific Time.  Thank you to all of the OHSU community members who submitted their poems to the OHSU Poetry Contest for judging.  

Poems will be judged by a group of OHSU authors who will consider the following aspects in selecting the three winning poems: 

  • OHSU experience and themes of education, research or health care in your life/work/culture –What do you see every day? Where do you work? How are you learning? 
  • Artistic excellence – Quality of word choice, flow of ideas, creativity, impact, unique expression, and poetic form. 

The author of the winning poem will receive a $75 gift card, second place will receive a $50 gift card, and third place will receive a $25 gift card.  Authors will be notified of the contest winners in early April 2020.

The authors of winning poems will be invited to read their poems at the Medicine as Poetry, Poetry as Medicine event.  This event has tentatively been rescheduled for Thursday, September 24, 2020 in Vey Auditorium.  Please consider joining your fellow OHSU member poets at this event open to the entire OHSU community.   The winning poems will also be framed and showcased in the OHSU Library entrance on the 3rd floor of the BICC building during April-early May and archived in the Library’s Digital Collections.

Poetry Submission Guidelines

By submitting your poem(s) to the Poetry Contest, you grant OHSU the non-exclusive right to copy and redistribute your creative work in any medium or format in perpetuity. You retain all of your copyrights and can republish and redistribute your work without restriction.

  • Please follow HIPAA and privacy guidelines. Works that contain protected health information (PHI) will not be judged.
  • A maximum of two poems per author will be accepted. 
  • Poems must be written and cannot exceed two pages (double-spaced) as a Word or PDF attachment.  We encourage you to include a recording of your poem being read than includes the poem title, but not your name.
  • Your name should NOT appear on your poem(s) or in the header or footer of the file to allow for unbiased judging.
  • We welcome poems in all languages.  We ask that submissions in languages other than English include three pieces:
    1. written version in the original language
    2. a separate file with a basic English-language translation (doesn’t have to be poetic) to help our judges who don’t read that language
    3. an audio recording of the original language poem being read (you can borrow recording technology from the library if your device does not have an audio recording feature)
  • To submit a poem, please complete the 2020 OHSU Poetry Contest Submission form in Qualtrics
    • Provide your contact information (name, OHSU affiliation, email address), poem title and language.
    • Your poem as a Word or PDF attachment.  Your name should NOT appear on your poem.
      • For poems in languages other than English, there are fields to upload the translation and the audio file.
    • If you are submitting more than one poem, please submit separate forms for each poem.

If you have a problem submitting to the form, please contact poetry@ohsu.edu and use “Poetry Contest” as the subject line of your e-mail.

OHSU Library is excited to support a forum for the OHSU community to express their creativity and share their insight and experience with others!

First place: Rx  - Elizabeth Anne Mailo Paulson - Student, MPH in Health Management and Policy

Second place: I am the Emotion for this Machine - Gretchin Lair - Simulation Center

Third place (tie): Shadow People - Joseph Pinter, MD - Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
                             Three Hour Glucose Test - Susannah Lujan-Bear - MSN, RN, 5A/5C Division of Hospital Medicine, School of Medicine

Raquel Padilla Moore, Student, PA Program
Womb Beats (First Place Winner)

Alexei Ku, Resident Physician, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Sunrise Down the Hall  (Second Place Winner)
Social History: Not Obtained (Honorable Mention)

Elizabeth Lahti, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine
An Inconvenient Growth (Third Place Winner)

Jordan Carlman, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Science Education Opportunities
When Included (Honorable Mention)

John Townes, Department of Medicine/Division of Infectious Diseases
What as We the Shepherds Good (Honorable Mention)

Natasha Warikoo, M.D./Ph.D. Candidate
Closing (Honorable Mention)
Braids (Honorable Mention)