OHSU Poetry Contest

Happy National Poetry Month!

Many thanks to all of the OHSU community members who submitted their poems to the Poetry Contest.  There were nineteen submissions this year.  We also thank our our volunteer judges–Elizabeth Paulson, Darlene Zimbardi, and Amy Forester. The contest is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the unique talents of OHSUians – thank you for sharing your voices.

All submitted poems will be archived in the Library’s Digital Collections as part of the Humanities Collection where they may be enjoyed and shared for years to come.  The winning poems will also be showcased in the OHSU Library entrance on the 3rd floor of the BICC building in May.  We will announce when they are available for viewing.

The OHSU Library is pleased to announce the winning poems of the 2022 Poetry Contest:

First place: Love Revolution by Ingrid Robey

Second place: The Heavy Echo by Jenna Lucescu

Honorable Mentions:

i take sonder to work like a tram (TI-RADS 4B) by Sara Aldrich

Lighthouse by Ashley Victor

We hope that the Poetry Contest will be a biennial event moving forward.  We encourage everyone to continue creating!

First place: Rx  - Elizabeth Anne Mailo Paulson - Student, MPH in Health Management and Policy

Second place: I am the Emotion for this Machine - Gretchin Lair - Simulation Center

Third place (tie): Shadow People - Joseph Pinter, MD - Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
                             Three Hour Glucose Test - Susannah Lujan-Bear - MSN, RN, 5A/5C Division of Hospital Medicine, School of Medicine

Raquel Padilla Moore, Student, PA Program
Womb Beats (First Place Winner)

Alexei Ku, Resident Physician, Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Sunrise Down the Hall  (Second Place Winner)
Social History: Not Obtained (Honorable Mention)

Elizabeth Lahti, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine
An Inconvenient Growth (Third Place Winner)

Jordan Carlman, Administrative Coordinator, Office of Science Education Opportunities
When Included (Honorable Mention)

John Townes, Department of Medicine/Division of Infectious Diseases
What as We the Shepherds Good (Honorable Mention)

Natasha Warikoo, M.D./Ph.D. Candidate
Closing (Honorable Mention)
Braids (Honorable Mention)