Course Reserve Guidelines

The OHSU's Library's paper and electronic reserve materials policy is derived from the Fair Use provisions of the United States Copyright Act of 1976 and OHSU Policy No. 12-70-005.

The following guidelines are provided to assist faculty but do not preclude further restrictions by the Library:

  • All materials placed on reserve (paper or electronic) will be at the initiative of faculty for the non-commercial, educational use of OHSU students.
  • Networked access will be limited to authenticated OHSU faculty and students.
  • Copyright notice will appear on screen in the electronic reserves system and on copies made of reserve readings to indicate that materials may be covered by copyright law. Appropriate citations or attributions to their sources will be included.
  • It is the responsibility of course instructors to request and obtain copyright permission if needed. This process should be completed before placing materials on reserve. Faculty will be asked to provide signature assurance that materials fall under fair use guidelines or that appropriate copyright permissions have been obtained.

    Materials which do not require copyright permission include:

    • Exams, syllabi, lecture notes, homework answers
    • Student Papers (proof of consent of author is required)
    • United States Government publications
    • A single article from a journal issue (for one term only)
    • One chapter from a book (for one term only)

    Materials which generally require copyright permission include:

    • Articles from journals that are used for more than one term
    • A single chapter from a book that is used for more than one terms
    • Multiple articles from a single journal issue; multiple chapters from a book
    • Materials that will be used repeatedly by the same instructor for the same course for multiple terms

    Other Guidelines

    • Materials to be copied or scanned for electronic reserves will be purchased by the library when possible.
    • Complete works (journal issues, books) will not be scanned.
    • Students will not be charged to access electronic reserves; any charges for copies will be limited to nominal costs for printing.
    • All Reserve materials will be removed from the Reserve system following the term for which they are used unless copyright permission assurrance is provided for multiple terms.
    • An instructor can request Copyright permission by:
    • The Copyright at OHSU guide provides fundamental information about US copyright law, exemptions that allow you to use the work of others without permission in teaching or scholarship, and how to seek permission when needed.