Study Team Publications

Breast Cancer

Winters-Stone KM, Leo M, Schwartz A. Exercise effects on hip bone mineral density in older, postmenopausal breast cancer survivors are age dependent. Arch Osteoporos (in press).


Winters-Stone KM, Schwartz A, Hayes SC, Fabian CJ, Campbell KL. (invited review) A prospective model of care for breast cancer rehabilitation: bone health and arthralgia. Cancer 15;118(8 Suppl):2288-99, 2012.

Winters-Stone KM, Dobek J, Bennett JA, Nail LM, Leo MC, Schwartz A. The effect of resistance training on muscle strength and physical function in older, postmenopausal breast cancer survivors: a randomized controlled trial. J Cancer Surviv 6(2):189-199 (2012). PMID: 22193780.

Campbell KM, Neil S, Winters-Stone, KM. Review of Exercise Studies in Breast Cancer Survivors: Attention to Principles of Training. Br J Sports Med (Epub ahead of print), 2011.

Winters-Stone KM, Dobek J, Nail L, Bennett JA, Leo MC, Naik A, Schwartz A. Strength training stops bone loss and builds muscle in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors: a randomized, controlled trial. Breast Cancer Res Treat 27(2); 447, 2011.(published erratum 127(2), 457.

Winters-Stone, K, Torgrimson B, Horak F, Eisner A, Nail L, Leo M, Chui S, Luoh S. Identifying factors associated with falls in postmenopausal breast cancer survivors: a multi-disciplinary approach. Arch Phys Med Rehab 92(4):646-52, 2011.

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Prostate Cancer

Winters-Stone KM, Lyons KS, Nail LM, Beer TM. The Exercising Together Project: Design and recruitment for a randomized, controlled trial to determine the benefits of partnered strength training for couples coping with prostate cancer. Contemp Clin Trials 33(2):342-350, 2012.


All Cancers

Winters-Stone K, Schwartz A, Nail L. A review of exercise interventions to improve bone health in adult cancer survivors. J Cancer Survivor 4(3): 187-201, 2010.


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