Multidisciplinary Research Training in Pulmonary Medicine (NHLBI T32)

Program Overview

The PACCM T32 Research Training Program offers state of the art, multidisciplinary research training for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees conducting research related to pulmonary medicine. We provide one to two years of stipend and tuition support with funding from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The T32 offers a broad array of opportunities, encompassing Bench (Molecular/Cellular Biology/Physiology/Immunology), Epidemiology/Outcomes (Cancer Screening/Critical Care Medicine/Bioinformatics), and Translational Medicine (Critical Care/Diagnostics/Bioinformatics). Trainee development is further supported by research seminars, and formal coursework designed to enhance cross-disciplinary skills that extend beyond the scope of an individual project. Our overarching mission is to develop the next generation of scientific leaders in respiratory medicine.

Contact: If you have any questions about the grant or program, please contact Samantha Ruimy. Our program accepts applications on a rolling basis, and appoints trainees several times per year.


Perspectives in Pulmonary Medicine is a dedicated T32 seminar course that provides trainees and other interested participants with an understanding of pulmonary physiology and pathology, and specifically focuses on research methodologies. The course is offered twice per year, with one set of sessions covering physiology and the other addressing special topics such as lung cancer, infection, airway disease, and lung injury.

Research Mentorship

Research mentorship is provided by faculty scientists with wide-ranging research interests and extensive experience in training young scientists. Interactions and synergy among the laboratories and research groups in this program add to the rich and broad training environment.


Our program produces both clinical and basic researchers who are well prepared to tackle the challenges of academic medicine and biomedical research.

Career progress of Pulmonary T32 graduates, 2010-2020

Career progress

Publication Records of Selected Pulmonary T32 Alumni

Matthew Drake, MD              

Melanie Harriff, PhD               

Elly Karamooz, MD    

T32 Directors

David Lewinsohn
David Lewinsohn, MD, PhD
Christopher Slatore
Christopher Slatore, MD, MS

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