History of OHSU Allergy and Immunology

Portland, Oregon has a long history of Allergy and Immunology care with the first clinic dedicated to this field of medicine opening in 1922. At OHSU, we strive to continue this tradition while also incorporating cutting edge research and clinical care into the services we provide for our patients.  

We recognize that the success of our future is dependent on the foundation that was developed by previous leaders here at OHSU.  

Photograph of Dr. Emil Bardana

Dr. Emil (Bud) Bardana

Dr. Bardana completed his medical training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada before entering residency training here at OHSU in Internal Medicine. He then received additional training in Allergy and Immunology at National Jewish Health in Denver, CO. In addition, he was deployed twice as part of the US Navy and Marines during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam War.  

He joined the faculty at OHSU in 1971 and held various important roles across the university in subsequent years including the Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine (1984-1994) and Division Chair of Allergy and Immunology (1985-2000). He retired in 2014. 

His work in Allergy and Immunology is immense with over 200 published articles and book chapters, mainly in the effects of environmental chemical exposure and building-related illnesses. He has played a key role in advancing Allergy and Immunology as a field as a Director of the American board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) from 1989-1994 and former presidents of several regional and national societies, including the ACAAI, OSAAI, and WSAAI. He was honored with the Gold Headed Cane Award by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology that symbolizes “the pursuit of the highest standards of scientific excellence and integrity.” 

Photograph of Dr. Tony Montanaro

Dr. Anthony (Tony) Montanaro

Dr. Montanaro is a native to the PNW and completed his medical school at the University of Washington before completing his residency at UCSD/Mercy Medical Center and fellowship training in both Allergy and Immunology as well as Rheumatology at OHSU.  

He joined OHSU faculty in 1983 and held several roles at OHSU including the Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine (2008-2013) and Division Chair of Allergy and Immunology (2000-2018). He retired in 2022. 

He has contributed significantly to the field of Allergy and Immunology with over 100 published articles and book chapters. His research interests spanned from environmental exposures and their effects on the respiratory system to being the Primary Investigator in over 65 clinical trials evaluating novel therapies in asthma and allergic conditions. He received the Career Excellence in Teaching Award from the Department of Medicine at OHSU (1995) and the Distinguished Fellow Award from the ACAAI (2002). 

Special Recognition

Special recognition to Drs. Alvin Wert, Barzin Khalili and Raj Srinivasan as Adjunct Faculty here at OHSU for their many years of service in fulfilling OHSU’s mission of excellent patient care and educating the next generation of medical providers.