Educational Structure

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The first year of our Fellowship is heavily clinical and ICU focused. We work with you to schedule vacations and select electives to break up any long stretches into more manageable blocks.  

The second year also has some mandatory clinical time, but the vast majority of your blocks is left open so that you can allocate your time in career development - research, QI project, educational projects etc. We host a career development week for first year Fellows where select academic and community faculty present their career paths as well as their ongoing projects. This is to help you identify mentors and stimulate ideas to springboard into your second year. Many fellows also use their second year electives to obtain more exposure to any self-identified areas of clinical weakness (specialty ICUs, chest tubes, mechanical support devices etc).

Rotation Structure of CCM Fellowship

One Year Critical Care Track

We also offer a one-year critical care track for applicants who have already completed a two- or three-year ACGME-, AOA-, ACGME-I, or RCPSC-accredited internal medicine subspecialty fellowship. We work closely with these fellows to develop a customized and accelerated rotation structure applicable to their future career goals. We have a strong history of training cardiology intensivists. Below is an example of their curriculum. 

Critical Care Rotation Schedule


There are more conferences than one can realistically attend; all are recorded for later viewing in appreciation of our unrelenting schedules. We are also proud to have developed a wealth of simulation training, which we run annually with unmatched faculty experts. 

Weekly conference calendar