Who We Are

Dr. Sherie Gause, MD, Program Director, PCCM Fellowship
Dr. Kinsley Hubel, MD, Associate Program Director, PCCM Fellowship

Current Fellows

First Years

Photograph of Dr. Michael Armstrong

Dr. Michael Armstrong

Residency: Wakeforest University

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Photograph of Dr. Koichi Keitoku

Dr. Koichi Keitoku

Residency: University of Hawaii

Medical School: Wakayama Medical University

Photograph of Dr. Anas Rihawi

Dr. Anas Rihawi

Residency: St. Elizabeth's Medical Center

Medical School: University of Damascus

Photograph of Dr. Talitha Wilson

Dr. Talitha Wilson

Residency: University of Minnesota

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Second Years

Photograph of Dr. Sandeep Bains

Dr. Sandeep Bains

Residency: Brown University

Medical School: University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tuscon

Photograph of Dr. Khosravi Forouton

Dr. Nasim Khosravi Foroutan

Residency: San Joaquin General Hospital

Medical School: Tehran University of Medical Sciences School of Medicine

Photograph of Dr. Ritika Singh

Dr. Ritika Singh

Residency: Baylor College of Medicine

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine - Peoria

Photograph of Dr. Tameka Smith

Dr. Tameka Smith

Residency: Tulane University

Medical School: Oregon Health & Science University

Third Years

Ryan Grattan

Dr. Ryan Grattan

Residency: New York University

Medical School: New York University

James Kornfield

Dr. James Kornfield

Residency: Oregon Health and Science University

Medical School: Boston University

Laura Oppegard

Dr. Laura Oppegard

Residency: Oregon Health and Science University

Medical School: Loma Linda University

Nandini Sarma

Dr. Nandini Sarma

Residency: University of California, Davis

Medical School" University of California, Davis

Past Fellows

  • Ryan Grattan- T15 training grant for Clinical Informatics Research
  • James Kornfield- T32 training grant for Asthma Research
  • Laura Oppegard- Pulmonary Hypertension Fellowship at Stanford University
  • Nandini Sarma- Faculty at University of California, Davis

  • Beth Collins- Cystic Fibrosis Faculty at OHSU
  • Tomas Cordova- Interstitial Lung Disease Faculty at OHSU
  • Scott Ratcliffe- Intensivist at Womack Army Medical Center (Fayettesville, NC)
  • Sarah Wheeler- Intensivist at Sound Physicians (Bay Area, CA)

  • Joaquin Chapa-Pulmonary CCM at The Oregon Clinic East (Portland, OR)
  • Marin McCutcheon- Pulmonary CCM at Skylakes Medical Center (Klamath Falls, OR)
  • Catlin Metzger-Faculty at University of Rochester
  • Sarah Tuthill- Pulmonary CCM at The Vancouver Clinic (Vancouver, WA)

  • Chris Chang- Interventional Pulmonary Faculty at OHSU Veterans Hospital
  • Grady Hedstrom- Interventional Pulmonologist at Minnesota Lung Center (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Taylor Meyer- Intensivist at Legacy Health (Portland, OR)
  • Garrett Wagmeester- Pulmonary CCM at The Oregon Clinic West (Portland, OR)

  • James Barlow- Pulmonary CCM at The Everett Clinic (Marysville, WA)
  • Matthew Miller- Pulmonary CCM at Critical Care Pulmonary Sleep Associates (Everett, CO)
  • Liana Schweiger- MICU Director at OHSU Veterans Hospital