Sleep Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

The one year sleep medicine fellowship consists largely of multidisciplinary outpatient sleep clinic experiences within the clinical sleep programs of OHSU and the Portland VAMC. At least one clinic a week will be focused on portable sleep testing/telemedicine at the Portland VAMC site. The fellow will also participate in inpatient consultations as required by ACGME.

Additional clinics

  • Experiences outside the regular sleep medicine program will include clinics in dental sleep medicine and otolaryngology (ENT).The dental sleep medicine clinics and ENT clinics are done when there is not a previously scheduled continuity sleep clinic or conference.
  • For the dental sleep medicine experience, the sleep fellow is required to spend at least two afternoons with the oral/dental sleep medicine practitioner through prior arrangement.
  • The fellow will spend at least one afternoon in an ENT clinic, be it adult or pediatric, VA or OHSU. There is not a formal ENT sleep clinic and the sleep fellow is there to learn how to examine and discuss the upper airway as much as anything. If the clinic is done at the VA, the clinic can be enriched with sleep patients ahead of time.
  • Potential clinical experiences can also be arranged for Maxillofacial Clinic, Pediatric Psychology, PTSD/IRT clinics as well as the OHSU bariatric program.
  • The program director will assist in the arrangement of these short experiences outside the formal clinical sleep clinic.


  • The sleep fellow will actively participate in the scoring and interpretation of polysomnography as well as maintenance of wakefulness testing/multiple sleep latency testing for both adults and pediatrics. The fellow will formally meet weekly with faculty at both the Portland VAMC and OHSU to review these scorings and interpretations. The fellow will work extensively with portable sleep testing and will also have opportunities to work with actigraphy.

Required conferences

  • Sleep Medicine Didactic Curriculum Lectures held each Friday 2-3 pm
  • Monthly sleep medicine journal club
  • Weekly multidisciplinary sleep conference held each Wednesday 12-1 pm at the Hatfield Research Center
  • Weekly grand rounds of your choosing


  • Each fellow is expected to participate in a research project involving sleep medicine.

Quality Improvement

  • Each fellow will participate in a quality improvement project as required by ACGME.


  • There is not in-house call. The sleep fellow will be on the formal call schedule for the OHSU and the Portland VAMC sleep labratories. The sleep fellow is expected to be available for consultation and trouble-shooting for the overnight sleep staff. The sleep fellow may potentially have to come in to the laboratory to deal with a situation should circumstances warrant.


  • Each fellow works with the program director and other sleep program faculty who will provide guidance and career planning. This includes discussion of the selection of research projects and mentors, advice concerning the selection of supplementary clinical experiences, and feedback during the course of the fellowship.