Sleep Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

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Our education curriculum is built on a quarterly rotation model, allowing fellows training opportunities with faculty members from different clinical backgrounds, all of whom are committed to trainee education. Our didactics include journal clubs, case conferences, and polysomnography reviews. These sessions occur in a collegial environment with active participation from our multidisciplinary faculty members.


  • Our primary clinical site is the Portland VA, with OHSU serving as a secondary site.
  • Fellows participate in 5-6 half days of clinic each week, divided between our two sites. One of these half days each week is dedicated to pediatric sleep at OHSU.
  • Ample time is available to participate in electives including clinics in ENT, dental sleep, and local private practice sleep groups, as well as observing sleep-related procedures and surgeries including DISE and Inspire.


  • Fellows will participate in polysomnography interpretation reviews with the guidance of attendings, twice a week. These will include reviews of MSLT, MWT, actigraphy, and home sleep testing.
  • OHSU and the Portland VA each have an 8 bed sleep lab, with up to 16 studies done each night. OHSU conducts between 1-4 pediatric PSGs each night. 
  • Fellows have graduated responsibility in reading PSGs ranging from 1 per week at the start of the year, to 10 per week as they become more seasoned.

Inpatient Consults

  • Inpatient consults are done at both the Portland VA and OHSU in a variety of environments including MICU, NICU, PICU, general wards, and the epilepsy monitoring unit.

Conferences and Curricula

  • Conferences are held twice weekly.
  • Fellows may opt to participate in many specialty grand rounds offered at OHSU.
  • Additional conference series include Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Business of Medicine, and Fellow/Faculty Wellness.


  • There is no in-house call.
  • Fellows are on call with attending oversight one week per month from September until June, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays.

Scholarly Activities

  • Fellows will be encouraged to participate in a scholarly activity with faculty mentorship.