Supporting Patients Recovering from Intensive Care Research Group


The SPRING--Supporting Patients Recovering from Intensive Care Research Group—team’s research focus is on understanding and improving outcomes during and after critical illness and injury. SPRING is based in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine and was established in 2020 by Terri Hough, MD MSc. We work in collaboration with research groups here at OHSU and around the world. There are many opportunities to come work with us—please email if interested

Primary Studies:

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SUNRISESurveillance of Respiratory Infections’ Sequelae; Primary objective is to describe post-hospital outcomes of patients hospitalized with acute respiratory infections, via telephone-based surveillance; CDC-funded, PIs Terri Hough, MD/Wesley Self, MD CDC link to IVY (parent) study


PRIMROSE- Determining Effect of ICU Treatments on Patient-Important Outcomes; A multi-center prospective cohort study nested within the ROSE RCT; NHLBI R01 funded, PIs Terri Hough/Jack Iwashyna/Marc Moss Clinical Trials Link


PROFOCCI- Predicting Outcomes That Matter to Patients; Modeling functional and cognitive outcome at 6 months after critical care; NINR funded R01, PIs Shannon Carson/Terri Hough/ Ivor Douglas Clinical Trials Link


LIFT- Developing Interventions to Improve Post-Hospital Outcomes; RCT of smartphone-based mindfulness training for ICU and COVID-19 patients; NCCIH-funded U01, PIs Chris Cox/Terri Hough/Marc Moss Clinical Trials Link


CORAL- Defining Epidemiology, Outcomes, and Healthcare Response to COVID-19; Retrospective, prospective, and survey based studies of COVID-19; NHLBI funded through PETAL Network; PI: Terri Hough


REACH- Recovery After COVID-19 Hospitalization-is an observational multicenter study of patients, caregivers, and health systems focused on understanding recovery after sever COVID-19 ; funded through NHLBI-ALA partnership; PI: Terri Hough

​​​​​​EXPERT- Effective Primary Care Practices that Enhance Recovery Trajectories after Pneumonia; primary objective is to apply a novel strengths-based approach for transformational change to refine an intervention that helps PCCs promote the recovery of pneumonia survivors, PIs: Terri Hough, MD/Jack Iwashyna, MD PhD, Stephanie Parks Taylor, MD

​​​​​​CAMINANDO--Cognitive-Motor Interference Assessment for Improving Neurologic and Physical Disability Outcomes (Phase II); primary objective is to examine the association between cognitive-motor interaction (CMI) and patient-reported outcomes in patients with acute respiratory failure (ARF); NIH-funded; PI: Aluko Hope, MD

SPRING Contributing Studies:

FST- Family Support Tool; a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of the Family Support Tool (an interactive, web-based tool to help family members of older incapacitated patients navigate the emotional, psychological, and cognitive complexities of being a surrogate) among elderly, critically ill patients at high risk of death or severe disability; NIA R01 funded, PI: Doug White Clinical Trials Link

LOW- A Novel Data Science and Network Analysis Approach to Quantifying Facilitators and Barriers of Low Tidal Volume Ventilation in an International Consortium of Medical Centers; currently on Aim 4- a survey study to determine whether different multi-disciplinary team structures and dynamics-specific facilitators and barriers to LTVV adoption exist in academic and community hospital settings; NHBI R01 funded, PI: Curtis Weiss More info

PRECIPICE- Promoting Equity via Change in Practice for Respiratory Failure; the outcome of this study will be a characterization of formal and informal ICU practices contributing to inequitable respiratory failure mortality by race and an intervention aimed at mitigating these differences NHLBI R01 funded, PI: Tom Valley/Mari Armstrong-Hough

​​​​​​VITAL-A Platform Protocol for Evaluation of Interventions for Viral Persistence, Viral Reactivation, and Immune Dysregulation in Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC); This protocol is a prospective, multi-center, multi-arm, double-blind, randomized, controlled platform trial evaluating antiviral and other therapeutics for use in the treatment of PASC; NIH-funded; PI: Aluko Hope, MD


Terri Hough, MD MSc, Principal Investigator
Courtney Maxcy
Courtney Maxcy, MPH, Research Program Manager
Ellen Caldwell
Ellen Caldwell, MS, Biostatistician
Photo of Edlyn Lopez
Edlyn Wolwowicz, BS, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Photograph of Bryn Hester
Bryn Hester, BA, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Photograph of Safiya Easthausen
Safiya Easthausen, BA, Senior Clinical Research Assistant
SPRING team, March 2022
Aluko Hope
Aluko Hope, MD, Principal Investigator
Pat Lyons
Pat Lyons, MD, MSc, Principal Investigator
Photo of Molly Hiller
Molly Ward, MS, Research Project Coordinator
Madeline McDougal
Madeline McDougal, MPH, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Efrain Chavez Martinez
Efrain Chavez Martinez, BS, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Sam Gage
Sam Gage, BA, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant
Photograph of Luz Meija-Flores
Luz Mejia-Flores, BS, TI Senior Clinical Research Assistant