Adult CF Care at OHSU: Inpatient

  • Be available for your treatments. We want to get you better as best and as quickly as possible. This cannot be done unless we can provide you with standard of CF care.
  • Let us know how you are doing. What’s working? What’s not working? We know we are not perfect and if there is a way we can get better, we will look into it!
  • Be active! It may seem like being in the hospital is like being in jail, it does not have to be! When you are not doing your treatments, we encourage our patients to walk around. Please let your nurse know your plans to make sure you won’t miss any treatments or any providers who need to see you.
  • If you leave your room, make sure you wash your hands, wear clean clothing and wear a mask to prevent transmission of bugs to other CF patients who may roaming the hospital. CF patients should not be within 6 feet of one another and should always abide by infection control practices in any common area at OHSU.
  • Keep your nurse updated. You will see many different providers in the hospital, but your nurse will have the closest relationship to you. He or she can be a voice for all the other team members seeing you.

Preparing Yourself for the Hospital Stay

Your inpatient room typically includes: 

  • Bed, pillow, sheets and blanket
  • A bathroom
  • Closet, storage space for personal belongings
  • A rolling table
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Climate control
  • Phone (for local calls)

What to pack for your stay (all except the modulator are optional):

  • If you are taking a CF modulator, (i.e. Kalydeco, Orkambi, Symdeko, Trikafta), please bring this medicine with you.
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Personal blanket and/or pillow
  • Slippers or skid-proof socks
  • Pajamas
  • Sneakers for walks/exercise in and out of your room
  • Toiletries
  • Headphones, Laptop, iPad, books for entertainment
  • Earplugs and/or eye mask-Personal snacks
  • Insurance cards
  • Photos of yourself/support persons to lift your spirits

Get To Know Me Form

Get To Know Me (PDF)

You can expect to complete a CF Get to Know Me form during your admission process. We created this form with our CF Advisory Council. We hope it lowers any stress surrounding your inpatient stay and gives your care team a small glimpse into getting to know you! Once you have filled this out together, the inpatient team should place this form on the wall above the head of your bed.

The Inpatient Care Team

OHSU is a teaching hospital. In addition to your primary team and consultants, you may have residents, fellows, and students from various disciplines participating in your care.

Primary Team - This team is known as the primary team which means they write all the orders for your care, are the first responders to your questions and arrange for your discharge. They also manage direct care for non-CF issues.

  • If you do not have an OHSU Primary Care Provider (PCP) the Hospitalist service will be the primary team for your stay. These are physicians who specialize in inpatient general medical care. 
  • If you have an OHSU Primary Care Provider (PCP) you will likely be followed by Family Medicine instead of the hospitalists.

Consultants - With their experience with treating CF, the consulting team reviews all aspects of CF care during your hospitalization.

  • The pulmonary team will see CF patients everyday as consultants. This may be one of our CF clinicians or one of our non-CF clinic pulmonologists who have experience managing CF care in the hospital. The pulmonary team also has pulmonary fellows, internal medicine residents (finished medical school and are doing further training) and sometimes students.

The outpatient CF clinic care team works closely with the inpatient team throughout your stay.

A discharge planner will assist with getting any equipment you need for when you leave the hospital.