How to Apply

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Our programs participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Instructions for applying to our program can be found on the ERAS Fellowship website.

             Reviewing applications is the hardest part of my job and every year I am humbled by your life stories. You are not just an AAMC number. I cherish you for your humanity and am in awe of your accomplishments.

             Our fellowship accepts applicants from Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. No favoritism is granted to training backgrounds. EM applicants should pay heed that ACGME requires completion of at least six months of direct patient care experience in internal medicine, of which at least three months must have been in a medical intensive care unit.

             Our fellowship also has a one-year critical care track for applicants who have completed a two- or three-year ACGME-, AOA-, ACGME-I, or RCPSC-accredited internal medicine subspecialty fellowship. We can accept no more than one person into this track annually. It is also a harder path where all of the clinical training around multisystem organ failure must be condensed into a single chaotic year of learning and job search.

             All applications are reviewed by two Faculty members with varying academic interests. We sought three particular characteristics: personable, resilient, and driven. To be personable is to fasten connection, not just with patients but with nurses, respiratory therapists, and students. This is hard to train and more so lived. Resilience is acknowledging that the path ahead is hard, especially for those on the vanguard against Death. Even if we trained the best clinician, the greater tragedy is if they burned out quickly.

             The first year of our fellowship is heavily clinical but the second year is left open to be personalized for career development. It does not matter to us if you are undifferentiated as long as you possess the desire to propel the field forward and the self-drive to shape a productive second year whether in research, quality improvement, education, or subspecialty focus.

It also does not matter to me whether a fellow chooses to join Academics or the Community. Wherever their terminus, I hope they are so exemplary that it uplifts our reputation. I want to be impressed when we reconnect. I want them to be proud of their alma mater. And I want them to reflect upon their fellowship years with fondness.

             Choosing a fellowship is a deeply personal decision. Do not overlook the details that are seemingly mundane to you now: weather, family, or hobbies. I genuinely wish you the best of luck in your future journey. May our paths cross again, if not in Fellowship, then as colleagues or friends.

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