Emergency Medicine

Rob Cloutier, M.D., receives Golden ROSE Award

Healthcare professionals at OHSU are dedicated to providing excellent care and service to every patient, every time. Whether you are calling to make an appointment or entrusting us with a surgical procedure, we want our delivery of care to always meet or exceed your expectations. The ROSE Award recognizes employees, students and volunteers who provide outstanding service beyond the normal scope of their jobs.

Nomination Text

The ED can be a very emotional place to work – not just for the patients, but also for family members, friends, and staff. Shift after shift, the nurses and physicians see lives altered. Dr. Cloutier has been a solid supporter of taking care of each other so that we in turn can give our best back to our patients. Dr. Cloutier is a proud owner of Ginger, a licensed therapy dog that he brings to the ED for patients and staff alike. He often comes in on his days off or when things have been particularly rough. Staff stand in line for a few minutes of Ginger time. On a recent night, Dr. Cloutier checked to see if a particular patient would still be held at the Peds ED and brought Ginger in the next morning for a little bit of dog therapy. His compassion and support for his peers makes it easier for everyone to give our maximum on a daily basis. Thank you for your compassion, caring and for going above and beyond

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