Emergency Medicine

Detailing the importance and effect of an academic incentive program

In a new study out this month, Drs. Ma, Hedges and Newgard detail the importance and effect of developing a robust incentive program rewarding academic productivity alongside more established clinical productivity measures within academic departments of medicine.

While all academic departments value the pillars of scholastic and educational activities among their faculty, methods for codifying these contributions have been hitherto scantily-described in the literature at-large. Using ten years' worth of data from our own department's comprehensive internal academic bonus system, Drs. Ma, Hedges, and Newgard make the case for the adoption of similar rigorous measures across the entire spectrum of academic clinical departments.

The study, "The Academic RVU: Ten Years Developing a Metric for and Financially Incenting Academic Productivity at Oregon Health & Science University," was published in Academic Medicine, and is currently available online in its entirety.