Headshot photo of Tab Memmott

Tab Memmott

  • Research Associate


Tab is a dynamic and passionate technical leader with a proven record of fostering relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, and executing towards broader initiatives. He brings a unique technical and research skillset spanning over a decade in both academia and industry. His primary research focuses on developing and refining brain-computer interfaces used for communication by people with locked-in syndrome. He enjoys adventures with his Black and Tan Hound (Jolene), gaming, and tinkering with electronics in his spare time.

Education and training

  • Degrees

    • B.A., 2016, Portland State University
    • B.S., 2016, Portland State University

Areas of interest

  • Software Engineering
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Brain-Computer Interface


Selected publications

  • Memmott, T., Koçanao?ullar?, A., Lawhead, M., Klee, D., Dudy, S., Fried-Oken, M., & Oken, B. (2021). BciPy: brain–computer interface software in Python. Brain-Computer Interfaces, 1-18.


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