Juanita Hermida

  • Peer Content Tutor


Hi everyone! I am a 3-year BSN student at the Portland OHSU campus, class of 2024. Prior to starting nursing school, I proudly worked as a preschool teacher and nanny teaching children of all different ages English and Spanish. In doing so, I found one of my main passions is guiding/ helping students with different learning styles achieve their goals. In addition, I enjoy reading, spending time with loved ones, and doing mini projects around my tiny house! I've found its crucial to find things that bring you joy of any size throughout nursing school. It is true what they say, it is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding experiences. Bearing that in mind, I want each of you to know this journey has been most productive for me through the help and guidance my peers, instructors, and tutors have given me. I hope to provide the same level of support I've received to each of you. I look forward to navigating through the material together, and learning how I can best assist each of you in your respective journeys. We've got this! 



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