Headshot photo of Eric Baetscher

Eric Baetscher

  • Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, School of Medicine


Eric Baetscher graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in psychology and a minor in chemistry. He has since worked in the OHSU Advanced Imaging Research Center on a variety of projects utilizing magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy to investigate neuromuscular diseases and metabolic conditions. He is co-mentored by Dr. Chris Kroenke and Dr. Bill Rooney. His research focuses on signal processing and image analysis applied to studies of metabolism, body composition, and aging.

Education and training

  • Degrees

    • B.S., 2014, Western Washington University


Selected publications

  • Baetscher, et. al. (2019) “Pointwise T2 fitting for spectral relaxography: examples in dystrophic and healthy muscle”. Proceedings of the ISMRM 27th annual meeting. 4247.
  • Baetscher, et. al. (2017) “Quantitative MRI of In Vivo Water and Lipid Concentrations with the ERETIC Method”. Proceedings of the ISMRM 25th annual meeting. 5470.


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