On-Call Details

For the purposes of assigning the call schedule, residents are divided into a junior call pool and a senior call pool. The junior call pool consists of the 2nd and 3rd year residents rotating at OHSU. The senior call pool consists of the 4th and 5th year residents rotating at OHSU. Junior residents have in-house call responsibilities and field all patient calls, nurse calls and consults. Senior residents are on home-call and are available to back up junior residents and cover any cases that go to the operating room. 

The OHSU Department of Orthopaedics has adopted a night float system for the junior in-house call that significantly decreases the call burden on the other junior non-night-float residents. It also ensures that the non-night-float junior residents do not have to leave post-call during their rotations, which would interrupt valuable surgical and clinical training.

The non-night-float residents are on call approximately every 14 days. The senior residents are on call approximately every six days and one in every six weekends. Call at Legacy Emanuel Hospital is covered by the R3 and R4 residents on that rotation and averages out to every five days. The remaining call days are covered by physician assistants. At the Shriner’s Hospital, the call is covered by the resident on that rotation as well as international pediatric orthopaedic fellows. The call schedule at the Shriner’s Hospital is approximately every five to six days. The VA Medical Center is covered by the OHSU call team at night.