Beals Memorial Seminar

The 2020 Beals Memorial Seminar is cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Beals Memorial Seminar is an annual event established in honor of the late Dr. Rodney K. Beals, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Orthopaedics at OHSU, who taught orthopaedics for more than 50 years. The seminar includes research presentations by the chief residents, presentations on orthopaedic issues and treatments by OHSU faculty, and a presentation by a visiting guest speaker.

2019 Beals Memorial Seminar presentations

Visiting Professor Dr. Frederick Matsen: Technique and Technology in Shoulder Surgery with introduction by Dr. Darin Friess

Chief resident research presentations

Dr. Kenneth Gundle: The Boundaries of Orthopaedics: A Historical Perspective

Visiting Professor Dr. Frederick Matsen: The Ream and Run Procedure

Dr. Darin Friess: Correlation of Compartment Syndrome Diagnosis and pH Measurement, closing remarks by Dr. Jung Yoo