Patient-Reported Outcomes

At OHSU one way that we plan your care and measure your progress is with a patient questionnaire that collects information about your bone and joint health. This information is called patient-reported outcomes.

As a patient at OHSU, you will complete patient-reported outcome questionnaires several times during the course of your care. The answers you provide create a score. The score helps your provider determine the best treatment options. Over time, the scores help your care team track your progress during and after treatment.

It is best to complete the questionnaire before your visit. When you do, it makes your check-in process go more quickly. If you have not completed the questionnaire before your visit, you will need to complete it during check-in or during your appointment. You can get to your questionnaire through your MyChart account using the MyChart app on a smart phone or through an internet browser on a computer.

The questionnaire is about your bone and joint pain and how it affects your daily life and well-being.

The information is confidential and not shared with anyone except you and your care team. In some cases, we will also share patient-reported outcome scores with insurance companies who require the information to authorize treatment.

We developed the patient-reported outcomes questionnaire based on the PROMIS model. The Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) is an initiative funded by the National Institutes of Health to develop and validate patient reported outcomes for clinical research and practice. the goal of this 10-year project was to develop an efficient state-of-the-art assessment system for self-reported health. 

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