Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

Medical students taking part in Sterile Technique workshop
Medical students at one of OSIG's Sterile Technique workshops where they learned critical operating room skills prior to beginning clinical preceptorships.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group at OHSU welcomes all students who have an interest in orthopaedic surgery or other musculoskeletal medicine.

As a student-led group, OSIG provides information, networking opportunities and workshops for students interested in exploring a career in orthopaedic surgery. OSIG offers events throughout the year to improve awareness of the scope of orthopaedic surgery, facilitate relationships between and among interested students and faculty, and provide guidance for those interested in building an application for orthopaedic residency.

Current activities

Annual research trajectory talk

OSIG Research Trajectory Talk

At the beginning of each academic year, OSIG hosts a talk by faculty leader on the importance of research during medical school. This year Dr. Zachary Working spoke to the group. This talk serves to educate students early in their medical education on what is required to be a competitive residency applicant, both in orthopaedics as well as other competitive specialties. Download the 2020 summary slides.

Monthly research meetings

OSIG members with 2019 Research Week posters

Each month, OSIG meets with orthopaedics faculty and residents to discuss ongoing research projects, connect students with research mentors, workshop potential research ideas, and support students through all phases of research, from designing experiments to submitting manuscripts.

Orthopaedic Surgery Schedule of Specialty/Subspecialty Meetings and Conferences, with Abstract Deadlines  This downloadable PDF, which is regularly updated by OSIG members, provides easy access to organized regional, national, and international orthopaedic surgery conferences. This schedule is intended to reduce the effort to stay up to date on abstract deadlines, and find opportunities for presenting research. Last updated April 2021.

Sterile technique workshops

Scrubbing In

Throughout the year, OSIG hosts workshops in the South OR of OHSU hospital wherein students are taught proper sterile technique by OR staff. These events aim to prepare students for success in shadowing in the OR as well as for surgical rotations. In these workshops, students are taught the proper methods for scrubbing, gowning, and gloving, as well as general tips on being helpful in the OR as a medical student.

In the fall of 2018, forty students participated across two workshops, composing 25% of the first-year medical student class. 90% of participants had never learned how to scrub in and gown and glove before. After the workshop, 93% of students said that with supervision, they would feel comfortable scrubbing in for an actual surgery.

Download the Sterile Technique Workshop handout.

First-Assist Program

Through the OSIG First-Assist Program, selected medical students will fill the role of residents in the OR and work directly with an attending orthopaedic surgeon. The number of First-Assist events held throughout the year is variable, depending on the education schedule of Orthopaedics residents whose absence is filled by medical students through this program.

VirtuOHSU surgical simulation labs

OSIG members have the opportunity to learn with residents and faculty during these surgical simulation labs. In small groups, students work with residents on cadaveric tissue to identify pertinent anatomy and work on surgical skills such as dissection, suturing, and knot tying. This all takes place after a short classroom learning session in which relevant anatomy and techniques are discussed. The didactic session is then applied in OHSU's VirtuOHSU Simulation Lab.

Logo for the Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group

OSIG enjoys the generous support of the OHSU Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation and works closely with them to facilitate these opportunities for interested students to gain exposure to orthopaedics. Current OSIG leadership includes faculty leader, Dr. Lara Atwater and student leaders Tina Tran, Jason Agtarap, and Aaron Streblow.

For more information about OSIG or to get involved, please email us at: orthosurgeryig@gmail.com.

Dr. Hayden performing surgery