Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Oregon Journal of Orthopaedics

The OJO is an annual update on the state of orthopaedic surgery in Oregon. Published every May by orthopaedic surgery residents, the journal features faculty and resident directories, editorials on orthopaedic subjects, research articles, visiting lectureships, resident and teaching awards, alumni updates and more. On this page you will find links to our current and past issues of OJO.

Current issue

OJO 2020 cover image mount Hood
Volume IX, 2020

In this issue:

  • Faculty and resident directory
  • Featured articles
  • Research articles
  • Chief residents and senior projects
  • Alumni updates
  • Visiting lectureships
  • Resident and teaching awards
  • OHSU Orthopaedic Program alumni directory

Past issues

Ortho OJO Volume 1
Volume I, 2012

OJO Volume III, 2014
Volume III, 2014

OJO Volume V, 2016
Volume V, 2016

2018 Oregon Journal of Orthopaedics cover
Volume VII, 2018
 OJO Volume II, 2013
Volume II, 2013

OJO Volume IV, 2015
Volume IV, 2015

OJO Volume VI, 2017
OJO Volume VI, 2017

OJO 2019 cover image of rock climber
Volume VIII, 2019