Oregon Office of Rural Health

Life and Practice in Rural Oregon

Running in a field of flowers in Oregon

Rural Oregon - Where Opportunity Knocks. Rural Oregon offers a diverse landscape and appealing practice opportunities for health care providers and professionals excited to live outside the hustle and bustle of the big city. A career in rural health is very rewarding; rural medicine presents a wide scope of practice, is exciting, and allows providers to play a pivotal role in the well-being of the whole community. Each community has its own unique personality and culture. Wherever you choose to practice, you will see the professional impact you make every day! 

Benefits you may find practicing in a rural community are:

  • Full scope of practice
  • Opportunity for professional responsibility in the community beyond your clinical practice
  • Coworkers are like a second family
  • Personal connection to patients
  • Loan repayment and other financial incentive opportunities
  • Team-based and value-based care initiatives are prevalent in rural practice
  • Opportunity for leadership role within your practice
  • Elevated status in the community
  • Opportunity to expand your clinical expertise
  • Greater autonomy
  • You will make an IMPACT!

Are you thinking about relocating to Oregon? Specifically, rural Oregon? No matter what direction you’re coming from, Oregon’s got a lot to offer new residents. From the beautiful coastline all the way to the desert, Oregon is full of wonderful people, endless recreational opportunities, and amazing natural beauty.  Oregon also has a relatively mild climate.

Oregon is known for our amazing coffee, craft brews, technology, timber production, fishing, rivers/lakes, and green energy sources - there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

Living in rural Oregon will bring you open skies, fresh air, and a strong presence for the value in life, relationships, and family.  We know that moving to a rural community can be a big change — but for many, it’s a life-changing and worthwhile one. Trust us, your patients will thank you!!! You will make an IMPACT!


For more information, please contact Trixie Ortiz | Program Manager – Recruitment and Retention | ortizt@ohsu.edu