Oregon Office of Rural Health

Critical Access Hospital Owned Provider-Based Rural Health Clinic Innovation Grants

Critical Access Hospital Owned Provider-Based Rural Health Clinic Innovation grants (PBRHC Innovation Grants) allow clinics to create or enhance innovative project work to support sustainable community-derived problem solving and collaboration. Goals are to improve service integration or expansion; address barriers to care or capacity gaps; improve or expand workforce capability; or expand/advance the use of electronic and technological health tools and resources. Projects can be entirely new or build upon existing services, but must be innovative and potentially serve as a best practice model to be shared.

2019 PBRHC Innovation Grants

Request for grant proposals is currently open.

The deadline for applications is November 18, 2019 at 5 pm PST. Click here for application instructions.

2018 PBRHC Innovation Grants

In 2018, the Oregon Office of Rural Health granted a total of $15,000 to the following clinics to carry out innovative projects in their communities:

Morrow County Health District Clinics: Pioneer Memorial Hospital Clinic, Ione Health Clinic and Irrigon Health Clinic.

Each clinic participated with their unique and growing patient cohorts to meet an identified need to address chronic disease management. Specifically, the clinics operated an expanded care coordination model, including pharmacy provider partners, to provide support and management of patients at-risk of developing diabetes, along with newly diagnosed diabetic patients. The goal was to more efficiently assess risk for developing diabetes, work to prevent development of the disease in high-risk patients, and to help patients with a current diagnosis to manage their diabetes at an ideal level.


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