Tools, Templates, and Resources

This set of documents is intended to provide an organized resource for the tools, templates, and other resources needed to conduct clinical and translational research at OHSU.  Let the OCTRI Navigator know if there is anything else that would be helpful for you to see here:

General Study Start Up Information

As you begin your clinical research project, you may also want to familiarize yourself with these process maps outlining the general pre and post award process at OHSU as well as the clinical research billing workflow map and the lifecycle of a research billing charge. 

Proposal Development

As you begin to develop your grant proposal and create your clinical research protocol these resources may be useful. Be sure to give ample consideration and time to ensuring your project is feasible. 

A sample of OCTRI's boiler plate template for inclusion in funding proposals can be downloaded below.  

If you are submitting a funding application with specific OCTRI resources, you must request a cost estimate to include in the proposal budget. Without a cost estimate on file we cannot guarantee the resources you plan on using will be available or feasible for your project. 

Please complete our Resource Request Form to submit a request for a cost estimate and letter of support. 

Download OCTRI boilerplate template.


Budgeting for a clinical research study can be a complicated high contact activity. Here we have assembled some templates, tools and links to assist in the budgeting process. 

Study Conduct

To make the conduct of your study go a bit smoother, we have compiled a collection of information, tools and templates for your day to day activities. If you have a great tool that you would like to share please contact us.

Scope of practice for research assistants/associates

Scope of practice for support staff in ambulatory care settings

Research coordinator training requirement checklist

Acronym and General Clinical Research Contacts guide

General OHSU Abbreviations Guide

Study Management:

Study Subject Tracking Templates and Examples:

Using Epic for Research:

Clinical Trial Registration:

FDA Audits:

Knight Cancer Institute

Clinical Research Policies, Procedures and Central Offices

Under the following accordions you will find a listing of policies and procedures you should be aware of when conducting clinical research at OHSU. Note that this list may not be comprehensive. 

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Resource Request Form

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Find Training and Education for Clinical Research Staff 

Training and Education Page

Research Data Resources

Visit the Research Data Sharepoint

Explore the OHSU Library Data Catalog

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Does your study need a Data Use Agreement (DUA)? Find the DUA intake form and dashboard here. 

Need additional research support?

Explore the OHSU Research Cores and Shared Resources.

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